The INTERnet's new 'cool-enhancing' SUSTAINABILITY standard

The 'ERC-Cool' is an improved implementation on any standard smart contract, that uniquely hardcodes real world, perpetual carbon removal into anything we can imagine and recognises that impact with ‘Factor’ ($FKTR).

Inspired by the likes of Azuki, Meta Angels, Curious Addy’s and Crypto Fighters Alliance, for their standard innovations, we're following on from what these pioneers started, to cook up something not only smart, but exceptionally cool.

It is an open source, permission-less, planet cooling delight.

A digital public good, intended to be sprinkled to every corner of the internet. Enabling any good or service to be empowered to cool our physical planet and put the value of that action into the hands of the people.

The carbon is removed from our atmosphere, tokenized and deposited back to NFT holder - at each and every trade.

This is positive impact, that once started, cannot be stopped and an entirely new standard in collective action.

"Ultimately the goal of crypto is not to play games with million-dollar pictures of monkeys,

it’s to do things that accomplish meaningful effects in the real world,”

- Vitalik Buterin Mar 14, 2022

ERC-Cool will be released under the MIT License.



How it works.

1 - Use the ERC-Cool™ Interface in your smart contract

NFT Creator's inherit the ERC-Cool™ smart contract interface and choose the % they wish to be committed towards purchasing high-quality carbon removal credits, each time the token trades.

2 - Automated Carbon Removal Credit purchases

With every trade, the interface is triggered and the ERC-Cool™ contract removes carbon from our atmosphere by way of automatically purchasing high quality carbon removal credits.

3 - We retire it to the Carbon Pool

Swimming Pool

Every credit purchased, will end up retired in our luxurious 'Tres Cool Carbon Pool' and attributed back the original creator.

4 - We tokenize the impact

We tokenize the removal impact as Cool Factor ($FKTR).

$FKTR is made redeemable to consumers as proof of impact and a new form of internet status. Each $FKTR is backed by inspired action and is referenced to 1 kg of carbon removed from our atmosphere: 1 $FKTR = 1 KG

5 - Redeem Cool Factor

$FKTR is a new form of internet status. It opens to holders a digital playground in which to perpetuate a climate action happy hour and scale impact like never before. Together we'll make action, the epitome of cool.

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Planet cooling isn't a spectator sport

Let's cool.

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